• To master the violin means, to me, the ability to make the violin a perfectly controlled instrument, guided by the skill and intelligence of the artist to compel it to respond in movements to his every wish. The artist must always be superior to his instrument. It must be his servant, one that he can do with what he will.- Jascha Heifetz, 1918

During the violin lessons we will work on:

  • learning all the necessary technical skills in order to be completely free musically

  • the development of your musical personality by finding your own ‘voice’ and personal sound

  • bowing technique

  • bow division 

  • left hand technique

  • all different types of vibrato (finger, wrist and arm vibrato)

  • development of tone quality

  • development of sound intensity

  • being able to use a great diversity of colours to shape a musical phrase

  • how to practise efficiently and become self-dependent

There will be an accompanist present on regular basis during individual violin lessons in order to get used to playing together with a pianist. In addition you will have the chance to play chamber music with other fellow students as well to develop the musical ear and at the same time learning the skills of listening and responding musically to each other. You will also get the chance to train your performing skills by playing for the other students in group lessons or during student concerts.

Lessons will be given in Dutch/English/German and will take place near Utrecht, the Netherlands.

For further information or to arrange a free trial lesson email Marlene Hemmer personally at 

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